The Jack – The 2013 Calendar

A Celestial Revelry - conceptual calendar print

The story of the year 2013 was one of celestial seasons and alchemy symbols for The Jack, one of our dearest clients. Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the 12 zodiac signs and over 30 delivery pizzas were summoned for the 3-day shoot. Coffee kept flowing together with tears, as ashtrays and computer mice were overused for the next 7 days and endless post-production nights.

Helping beautiful things take shape and color is great, but far from simple. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it: working with beautiful and creative people does the trick!

Our story would have been quite different without the charismatic looks of international model Irina Magda, the decadent touch of Anca & Silvia Negulescu`s stunning collection, the electronic eye of Sebatian Tiplea and Vlad Carp, the always magical touch and brush arsenal of and Luciana Sasu or the inspired curls and combs of Razvan Miron.

An extra huge Thank you goes to Dragos Manzateanu for his incredible support and, of course, to our client, for trusting us dream in colors once again.