About us

We're small. We're smart. And we're good. Get to know us better.

For the past ten years, we’ve been helping companies, organizations and personalities find and reach their destination. We are and we want to remain a boutique-agency in Iasi. We believe in trust. We choose and are chosen by clients with whom we share common objectives and values, not just contracts. People come to us both for identity & branding projects and for communication & marketing strategies. We’ve gathered a strong network of suppliers and local freelancers (both from Bucharest and outside the country) around us so that we could deliver complex and smart campaigns.


Our work ethic

  1. Before anything else, we ask many questions and, alongside being fast learners, we enjoy doing in-depth research regarding new fields. We love new fields.
  2. We’re convinced and we’re convincing others that any valid project starts with very thorough research work, because Insight is as important as Excel.
  3. We believe that it is our duty to debate and establish the most relevant communication and sales objectives together with our clients, before doing anything else.
  4. When it comes to implementation, we decline “of courses”. We will never do things just to check lists and fill activity reports in.
  5. We appreciate efficient, smart and elegant solutions. If possible, in our own language. We’d rather write & sketch than do another PowerPoint presentation. We would never send proposals we do not comprehend or believe in ourselves to the client.
  6. We avoid having to prove ourselves. We’re aware of both our genius moments and our faults.
  7. For us, ideal projects are win-win situations. We’re happy to help people improve their results or minimize their costs.