Doamne Fereste – The Hot Sauce

Argo's love brand

Doamne Fereste is one of our own projects, a fun way of manifesting our thirst for the spicy side of life and our passion for international fine cuisine. This is how the hottest sauce ever made in Romania was born, the first of a fusion food collection with an attitude that we hope to keep growing with time.

Although it started eventually manifesting itself, Romania’s gourmet food scene is still young and weak. We saw it as an agency and felt it as end users, so we decided to join the pioneers and test the tastes, to see what happens. We figured we either heat/ hit the jackpot or got ourselves a lifetime stash of hot sauce. This second scenario seems to be long gone, since the first batch turned out to be a success. It seems we will move forward on this spice trail for a while.

And so, we created a travel and cuisine blog and a website containing a massive collection of funny pictures (back then), to back up our product and ensure fast spreading of the news. Social media was not forgotten, and soon a community started to grow. In naming, branding, promoting, and designing the package and promotional materials, we proved to be the ideal clients. We were quite patient, kind and knew exactly what we wanted.

But all that was the fun side. Choosing the right hot peppers from three different countries was the actual challenge. Fortunately we did and we proudly dare you to taste the results!

P.S. Don’t forget to get a taste of the mustard here.